China has over 600 cities

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China – China has over 600 cities and each has its own landscape with a natural and cultural content. In recent years, the authorities began to notice the negative effects on local tourism development, as almost all followed the same pattern in the construction, planning of streets and urban fundones distribution corresponding to the rapid economic development. Thus, in some cities are starting to look for a special feature on the historic culture and modern civilization to undertake most characteristic tourist projects.

Hutong(callejuelas) and siheyuan (typical housing square courtyard)
Both represent Beijing architectural culture from the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1 368). The siheyuan is a construction which is characterized by a square courtyard surrounded by houses, while the Hutong is a street that runs between blocks siheyuan. With urban development, some of these were dismantled or refurbished. The hutong and siheyuan Shichahai area are considered the best protected.

Beijing Opera and Peking Duck

With a history of nearly 200 years, the opera
Beijing is known as the National Opera. This typical expression of Chinese art combines several manifestations such as poetry, music, art and dance.

It’s a real living fossil of Chinese traditional culture.The roast duck is a typical food of Beijing. viajar a china, Already in the fourteenth century entered the imperial menu and then was accepted by the common people.

Liulichang and Qianmen Streets

In Liulichang Street can buy antiques, paintings and jade objects, while famous Qianmen traditional shops are concentrated arose during the Ming and Qing dynasties, but most of them are about to close its doors forever. for more, please visit: