Startup Business Ideas: Drop Shipping Perfect for at-Home Business

23.06.2013|Kategorien: Finanzen & Versicherungen|

Working from home is not as difficult as some may think. There are avenues outside of MLM sales that will be just as valid and safer. We consider drop shipping to be in a group of terrific startup business ideas .

Drop shipping means all one has to do is place orders. The parent company takes care of the rest.

“You are responsible for placing orders and providing information; the products sell themselves,” said Sandy McQueen of

Prices are higher than in direct sales, but this is the fair trade because of the convenience of not having to store products at home.

“Products are sent by the shipper with your branded labels on each of the packages,” said McQueen.

Potential for earning excellent income is very high. A constant roving inventory means excellent sales and profits.

“There are some drawbacks,” said McQueen.

Customer service can be a problem. A drop-shipper must contact the warehouse and customer. There will be a great deal of back and forth phone calls. Competition is another matter.

“Research to be sure there is no immediate competition. Companies try to get as many people to assist them with drop shipping as possible, even if this means your neighbor is working for the same company,” said McQueen.

McQueen has considerably more to say about drop shipping as well as how to get started quickly and easily. Learn more about what she has to say here.

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