Study Suggests Fizzy Drinks are as Harmful as Cocaine and Crack

12.06.2013|Kategorien: Gesundheit & Medizin|

A new study conducted by Dr. Mohamed Bassiouny, from the Temple University School of Dentistry in Philadelphia, found that drinking fizzy drinks, even diet versions, can be as damaging to the teeth, as two of the most potent narcotics, crystal meth and crack.

Research was carried out on a woman in her mid-30’s who reportedly drank 2 liters of fizzy drinks a day for a period of five years. Her teeth were compared to a 29-year-old meth user and a 51-year-old crack addict, and according Dr. Bassiouny, the damage to her teeth was almost identical to both drug users.

In an interview, Dr. Bassiouny said that none of the woman’s teeth that had been affected by erosion due to the soda could be saved. All of the individuals involved in the study were forced to have all of their teeth extracted by a dentist.

In addition to the meth, the 29-year-old involved in the study also drank at least 2 cans of soda per day and the crack addict has been using drugs for 18 years, which, according to the researchers, is considerably longer than the woman in her 30’s had been drinking fizzy drinks.

The American Beverage Association reacted angrily to the study. In a statement in response to the study, the association stated that comparing diet soda consumption to the use of illegal drugs was “irresponsible” and suggested that it was wrong to link severe tooth decay to the consumption of diet drinks alone.

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