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For those who love poker but want to learn the nuances of playing poker online, DGO88 poker offers a one stop solution. From Texas Holdem to best online poker, freerolls, tournaments, rules, strategy, news, school and poker rooms, you get it all at one site alone. has most free poker and freeroll tournaments.

DGO88 offers a wide range of games online to accommodate all the funds to buy the Championship. These are open to all players, and are run all day so that players can play when they want. For new tournament players, it is possible to win free real money while the tournament is completely free to enter. However, with Re-buy tournament championships players can buy more chips and have the repeat purchases periods.

“We wanted to create a one stop shop for all poker lovers. Our website has a separate section called the Poker School where we teach our players all about Poker Rules and Poker strategy so that they can join Poker Freeroll Tournaments to begin playing. Tournaments too are varied, so each level of player and our registration method is simple and doesn’t take too much time”, says an employee.

At DGO88, there are several free tournaments that are ideal for beginners who want to practice their poker strategy and learn from their mistakes. However, ace players have the choice to choose from Speed ​​Championship and High Deep Stack tournament. While the former is a high speed championship that is much faster than a regular tournament and best suited for pro players, the latter is an elimination tournament that begins with 5,000 chips and is again a tough game for high level players.

“We believe that every dgo88 player must have a competitive spirit. Our website will not allow you to create, use, or deposit money into multiple accounts. If a player uses more than one account, or allows several people to use their account, the account may be suspended or revoked, and the Poker Ace integral of the players as well as real money or play money balances are forfeited.

This is how we assure quality and Poker Rules genuine play at DGO88 and we also have a policy that prohibits players at any table to discuss real or play money, while unfair play will also result in termination”, says a staff member.

Players can join more than one table if they feel they can handle different games but then too not more than 4 tables at any given time.

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