The business mode and trend exploration of OBD products such as MB star

21.07.2013|Kategorien: Finanzen & Versicherungen|

BEIJING – Almost all of functions about the OBD products such as launch x431 and BMW ICOM of car networking are the same. But, its business model may have greatly difference. People could divide the business model according to the difference of operator. In this kind of method, the business model could be divided into the mobile Internet model, 4S shop model and insurance model. On the other hand, the online operator which website is has also said that the business model could be also divided by the profitable way. There have existed the models such as equipment and service fee, advertising and marketing value-added model and free conversion mode.

The OBD vehicle networking products has been first developed by the development of the mobile Internet wave trend. In the profit model, they usually take equipment and service fees, advertising and marketing. Owners could purchase OBD vehicle equipment such as launch x431 and BMW ICOM via the Internet, 4S stores and other channels and then these owners should pay the annual renewals.

In the mode of 4S shop, there are different levels. In the low level, the selling for the OBD equipments mb star c3 has been combined with the mobile Internet models which 4S shops sell OBD vehicle equipment and then release the information through this device such as super MB star. In the deep level which refer to big 4S Group, they could integrate all of OBD functions into a part of the entire operating system. From this point, they could provide customer service system which could across different brands and across pre-sale and after-sale. However, the OBD part is the important link into this system. However, the device such as MB star c3 can help to analyze the potential requirements from car owners for the performance of the car. The repairing of the cars could also depend on the launch x431.

The third point is the insurance model which has beginning from 2012. As the early 2013, there has not landed the related program in our country. The starting point of the insurance model could be allowed to maximize the value of insurance. The driving behavior is the focus point of auto insurance. OBD vehicle networking products have contained a variety of service value which is the best source for the formation of driving behavior model.

The information above is the introduction about the business mode about the OBD device selling. If people x431 diagun want to equip their car with the high quality OBD device, the website would be the best choice for them.