The carbon fiber road bicycle has been shown in the Eighth Northeast Asia Expo

17.07.2013|Kategorien: Finanzen & Versicherungen|

Tokyo – Maybe only few people have ever seen the carbon bike which weight would be lighter twice than the weight of ordinary bike. Yesterday, in the 6th hall of eighth Northeast Asia Expo, there was a beautiful and delicate Sport bikes. The whole bike frame and wheels were made of the carbon fiber in addition to a small number of parts. The weight of this kind of carbon bicycle is only six kg. The expert from website has told people that an adult could only just use two fingers to lift it up. With the popularity of the carbon bike, it would become the mainstream of bike industry in the future.

The light weight would be the most important factor for the carbon fiber bike. The weight of the carbon carbon bicycle bicycle would be not only twice lighter than the normal bicycle but also it would be lighter than the lightweight aluminum bike in the market. According to the introduction of carbon fiber bicycle exhibitors which website is , almost all of the force from the rider would be acted on the rim. However, the shortcoming such as weight and excessive wear and tear of the normal bike would not be occurred. People who have this kind of bicycle would have the feeling of light and convenience.

However, most of the rider would have more concerning about the price of this kind of carbon bike carbon bike such as trek bike. The normal one¡¯s price would be several million. On the other hand, the most experience one would be cost a hundred thousand dollars. Nowadays, this kind of carbon bike would be the luxury for people who like riding. But, with certain period of developing, this kind of bike would be much more cheap and popular in the future. People should not be worry about the high price of this kind of carbon bike such as pinarello bike and trek bike in the future.

According to reports, with the development of this industry, there are many companies in the manufacturing in this industry. However, most of this manufacture has currently had the capacity to produce their carbon rod. They could apply their own production of carbon fiber as raw material. In that case, the cost of these manufacturers would be much lower. On the other hand, their products would become much more competitive on the market. Meanwhile, people¡¯s concept of the consumption for the carbon bike has also had great increasing. This would be good news for the manufacturer and seller for the carbon bicycle.

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